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It has been 12 years, 9 months, and 10 days since Luke was wrongly incarcerated, whilst still a minor, for a crime he did not commit.

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Anyone wishing make contact with information anonymously can do so by e-mailing Sandra Lean

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This site was made available on the 14th April 2010 with Luke's permission and is his official website. At that time it was 6 years to the day since Luke Mitchell's incarceration at the age of 15. Check back regularly since there will be frequent updates..

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UPDATE 23/06/2013 : Mail on Sunday article – Detective Questions Police’s Handling of Jodi’s Murder

UPDATE 23/06/2013 : Scottish Sunday Express – Luke Mitchell’s mum suffers stroke

In November 2011, the Supreme Court refused to even hear luke’s application. In many respects, this removes some of the restrictions which have prevented further information pointing to his innocence from being published. Since those restrictions are no longer in place, this site will be updated over the coming weeks/months to expose further shocking evidence that Luke was knowingly wrongfully arrested, charged and convicted. We would like  to thank everyone for their continued support and ask that they take time to print out and post the first campaign flyer – Flyer Instructions.

 This is Luke Mitchell. He has been 14 years old since June 30th 2003, the night his 14 year old girlfriend Jodi Jones was brutally murdered, although his actual age is now 23. Luke’s life stopped that night too, in what was to become a dreadful miscarriage of justice.

Hounded for months by a press being constantly fed by the police, photographed and filmed, even though he was still only a child, Luke was arrested on April 14th 2004, still only 15 years old, for a murder he did not commit.

He was held under the 110 day rule – a cynical move by the authorities to ensure he was tried as an adult rather than a child (he would turn 16 just two weeks and two days before the 110 days ran out.) By the time of his arrest, police had already had almost 10 months to construct their case against him.

This case makes a mockery of justice. Luke Mitchell was convicted without a scrap of evidence against him. Evidence pointing to other suspects was completely ignored. Witnesses changed their statements, or were pressured to make specific statements.

Forensic evidence belonging to several other people was found at the scene and on the body, although none of Luke’s ever was. None of these people were treated as suspects.

Please, read all of the information and decide for yourself – do you think Luke Mitchell has been proven guilty, beyond reasonable doubt?

His family, friends and supporters will never give up the fight to clear his name.

They also know that there are many people who are uncomfortable with statements they gave, or who have information which was never treated seriously by investigators. If you, or someone you know, falls into either of these categories, please contact the site (anonymously, if you wish) – your information could help to right this terrible wrong, and may help to see the real murderer(s) finally traced, and properly dealt with.

It is not, and has never been, the intention of this site to cause further distress for Jodi’s family. However, if Jodi’s real killer has not been apprehended, it means he is still walking here amongst us. That is not justice for anyone, least of all Jodi and her family.

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